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Biomedical research institute of excellence with the goal of advancing human health


  • 1To establish the institute of excellence in basic& translational biomedical research

  • 2To develop the premium graduate school program in the integrated biomedical science

  • 3To promote global research and educational network

  • 4To play a leading role in Chungnam Biotown in collaboration with SCH University and SCH Medical Centers

SIMS 2030 Strategy


Basic and Translational Research on Biomedical Science

SIMS is to play a central role in leading the basic biomedical research at SCH University, promote interdisciplinary research programs with other science and technology researchers at the university, and create translational/clinical research initiatives in collaboration with clinicians at the SCH Centers

Affiliated Research Centers

  • 1Medical IT based RNA Research Center

    To establish a database for microRNA profiles from patients with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic metabolic disease and develop an effective diagnostic tool

  • 2WIS-SIMS Research Center for Tissue Regeneration

    To develop stem cell-based technology and therapeutics for tissue regeneration and establish a personalized medicine research infrastructure through collaboration with Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel

  • 3SCH Biomedical Science Core-Facility

    To establish a research infrastructure specialized in advanced cell analysis and in vivo imaging to support research

  • 4Clinical Research Center

    To establish research cooperation system for basic and translational research in biomedical science

Reseasrch Core

  • Animal Experimental Core

    To provide services for housing and experimenting small animals in a Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) condition

  • Animal Imaging Core

    To provide an access to microCT and X-ray imaging systems for in vivo realtime animal imaging

  • Flow Cytometry Core

    To provide a wide range of flow cytometry and single cell analysis techniques

  • Confocal Microscopy Core

    To provide technical expertise, training and access to confocal microscope for a range of image analyses

  • Histopathology Core

    Equipped with several instruments for histology including cryostat, microtime, and tissue processor


Department of Integrated Biomedical Science

The Department of Integrated Biomedical Science at Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-bio Science aims to train global talents who can lead the biomedical science and related industries by providing outstanding education program of basic and translational research

Program Overview
  • 1A world-class faculty in biomedical science

  • 2All lectures in English

  • 3Intensive research training in a state-of-arts facility

  • 4Opportunity for collaborative research in the partner institutions

Admission and Benefits

Admission Process
  • Program: M.S., Ph.D. and M.S. /Ph.D. Combined Degrees

  • Admission: Application review followed by personal interview

  • Acceptance: Spring (March) & Fall (September) semester

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Exceptional Benefits
  • Full tuition waiver & generous monthly stipend

  • Dormitory use at no cost

  • Discount for medical expenses in SCH hospitals

  • Opportunity for collaborative research at the partner institutions

  • Financial support to attend the domestic and international conference


Soonchunhyang Network

Soonchunhyang Medical center (SCHMC)

Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-bio Science (SIMS)

Soonchunhyang University (SCHU)

Global Network

Soonchunhyang Institute of Medi-bio Science

  • 25 Bongjeong-ro Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31151, Korea



  • T. +82-41-413-5000

  • F. +82-41-413-5006